SMITE Fall Harvest Event Sunday Nov. 30th

This weekend we will be celebrating the Fall Harvest with a weekend long SMITE harvesting! On Friday Nov 28th and Saturday Nov. 29th enjoy Double Favor along with up to 50 gems a day for earning First Win of the Day Bonuses (25 gems on your first one!).

However, on Sunday the Fall Harvest will begin. Your first win of the day earns an exclusive “Fall Harvest” Player Icon! Additionally, earn 30 gems for every First Win of the Day Bonus for each mode and another 60 gems for completing all 6 of the game modes that offer such bonus. All Sunday long players will earn Double Worshipers, Favor, and Experience!

The Match of the Day on Sunday will be the Golden Harvest – an Arena game mode with significantly increased gold gain. The 100 players that gain the most amount of gold in this Match of the Day will earn 400 gems each!

Happy harvesting!


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