A first glimpse of Citadels – Join the mass test on January 26 at 17:00 UTC- Eve Online


CCP Phantom invites you to the first mass test for the new Citadel code branch will take place on January 26th at 17:00 UTC (EVE time) on the test server Duality.

We will test core functionality of the Citadel code branch that involves a fleet fight and potentially a trip to a partially functional Citadel. This is early development: this mass test offers you a glimpse at development in progress on Tuesday, January 26th, at 17:00 UTC (EVE time). More information about this mass test can be found in this forum thread.

To join the mass test you can easily use the EVE Launcher: Simply activate the server “Duality” in the Launcher setting menu, then choose “Duality” in the drop down menu and log in – it is that simple!

All participants will receive a small reward of two million skill points on Singularity!

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