Activision Confident With Destiny


Activision, the publisher responsible for the recent releases in the Skylanders and Call of Duty franchises, is betting on the widespread success of its next big title, Destiny. In the q4 financial release, CEO Bobby Kotick stated that he expects, “…Bungie’s Destiny™, an innovative shared-world, first-person action game to be Activision Publishing’s next billion dollar franchise.”

It’s a fairly safe bet. Developer Bungie has proved themselves with the Halo series, and now they’re out to solidify their reputation as an innovative studio. Destiny, which Bungie developers have said is akin to building a new universe, was highly popular at the 2013 E3 conference. While the popularity of the Halo series may guarantee enough attention by itself, the idea of a new sci-fi universe from a studio that’s proven it has what it takes seems to be capturing enough attention to make Kotick’s statement seem perfectly realistic.

While the success of Activision does not hinge on Destiny gaining unrivaled popularity (Diablo III, Skylanders, Call of Duty, and Warcraft titles are strong competitors in their corner), it will certainly help their fanbase as well as their bottom line. Because of the strong reception Destiny has lined up so far, the idea of it being a success seems to be more of a “when” than an “if”. Still, how successful it is will be the difference between  just one more moderately strong franchise in their pocket, or a series that leads the way in development – and silences the idea that Halo was just a Bungie fluke – for a long time to come.

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