Amazing SotA Vendor Tool and Pricelist. What is your Stuff Worth?


We have an amazing new tool available for Shroud.  It is the Vendor Tool and it has created this amazing Price List.  This is not stuff for sale for Dollars.  This is 100% in game and for gold values.



This price list gives YOU the information you need to know what your stuff is worth.  


All prices in this are based on actual sales from vendors in game!  If you pick up that I am excited about this it’s because I really am!



As you may or may not know. Most MMOs I play some sort of merchant.  That is my thing. My biggest problem in Shroud was that I had to go searching all over the place looking for vendors selling the items I wanted to know the value on.  There are two big problems with this. One is that it takes a lot of time. The second is that what people try to sell stuff for done not indicate what they are really worth.  With this tool these are completed transactions. You can trust this price so much more.


The price list is populated by the SotA Vendor Management Tool.  The tool not only allows for data to be used in the big public price list.  But it also gives you detailed information on what items are selling best for you.  Who is buying and more.


Today I’ll be showing the tool on the show (Twitch or YouTube).  I’ll be using it for my own sales.  Feel free to stop by and ask questions.


Shawn’s Merchant “Sell and/or buy all the things” Challenge!!!


Also I want to announce a competition that this tool has spawned.  It’s Shawn’s Buy and Sell Challenge.  He’s giving away a ton of COTOs as prizes.  Check out the article for details. The challenge starts in a few days.  So you have time to get ready to compete.


How is this tool supported?


Development of a tool like this is costly.  We are proud to support its development. Do you think this tool is cool?  You can support it too! Any purchases you make from the Markee Dragon store use the discount code “sotanet” at checkout and it will gift you a 3% discount.  It also will credit Titania Xylia (in game name) with real dollars funding to help with the further development of this tool.  We are very excited with what this tool does for the community and we hope you are too.


I hope to see you in game!


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