Announcing the WildStar Box Mystery Box Promo!


Have you ever wanted a Snarfelynx? How about a sick-ass Glitter Kitty Cruiser? Ever dreamed of marauding around Nexus as, well, a Marauder?

Now you can, thanks to the WildStar Mystery Box Promotion! For a limited time, when you buy a standard-edition copy of WildStar in the physical box, you also get one of these three awesome items. Got duplicate items? No problem! You can trade them with your friends, sell them on the auction house, or just keep them to yourself.

Want to get in on this action? Then just visit one of the participating retailers and grab a boxed copy! After redeeming the key—which, of course, adds 30 days to your account—you’ll also get a Mystery Box delivered via your in-game mail which randomly contains one of these items:


Snarfelynx Mount


Glitter Kitty Cruiser Hoverboard


Marauder Costume Set


Bonus: Collect all three items above for an exclusive Title!


Are you the type who frequently has questions? The WildStar Team frequently got answers!

Q: What if I’ve already bought WildStar?

A: This is only for boxes sold from today forward, so go out and get a box today!

Q: Can I buy more than one box and redeem codes on my account?

A: Yes! You can redeem as many codes as you want, as long as they come from standard edition boxed copies.

Q: Are the items tradable?

A: Yes, and you can even sell them on the auction house.

Q: Are the items character-bound, or account-bound?

A: They are character-bound. When you apply one to your character, it is no longer shareable with your other characters (although you can still trade it).

Q: What about digital codes? Or the Steel Box Deluxe Edition?

A: Sadly, no. Only the standard edition boxed copy contains the Mystery Box Promotion items.

Q: What if someone who doesn’t own WildStar buys multiple copies? Will each box redeem for an item?

A: Yes! Whether or not you have an existing account, each box you buy from today until the promotion ends will get you one of the three items.

Q: Do I get guest passes with these purchases?

A: No. We no longer give out guest passes.

Q: If I buy more than one boxed copy, will I get 30 days of game time for each copy?

A: Yes! Game time from boxed copies stacks, so if you buy two copies, you will get 60 days of game time, three copies, 90 days of game time, etc.


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