The Elder Scrolls Online:Battlemaster’s Corner – The True Assassin

This player-build arms you with the tools to take out any mark silently and efficiently.

Player Caminator has sent us his favorite build, the True Assassin, for today’s article. Whether you’re right on your target’s heels or holed up waiting for the perfect shot, this build provides you with all the options a well-prepared assassin needs. Sharpen your daggers and read on to learn the secrets of this deadly build.

We want to see your favorite build, too! Write it up and send it in to, and don’t forget to include a screenshot of your character! Let’s find out about the True Assassin:


A True Assassin can kill a target from a distance or from right behind its back using any available resource. I am Caminator and I am a Nightblade. I don’t focus on magicka or stamina exclusively, because I use them both equally. I consider both of my weapon choices to be my primary implements, and I switch between them as the situation demands. For my first weapon set, I use a bow to take targets out from a distance, while for my second set, I dual wield daggers. I split up my attributes by my weapon set—my bow primarily uses stamina, and my daggers utilize magicka for my Nightblade abilities.

Both weapon sets are used to take out a single target. The only AoE abilities are my ultimate and silver shards, which is still meant for single target takedowns.

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