Belinda’s Greatsword, Rox’s Quiver, and the Metallurgic Dye Kit in the Gem Store!


This week, the Black Lion Trading Company brings back some all-time favorite items ! The Guild Wars 2 Team has two items dedicated to two inspiring people, as well as the return of one of their most popular dye packs. Read more details below. Oh, and make sure to keep an eye on our Toys section for new spring baby miniatures, because there are new ones every week!


Rox’s Quiver


Wear the same quiver as Rox, who was part of the group that faced off against Scarlet Briar. Who needs a warband when you can have Rox’s Quiver?

Belinda’s Greatsword


Now here’s a soldier truly worthy of respect! This courageous Seraph was willing to sacrifice everything to fight against Mordremoth. Wield this replica blade and be inspired in battle!

Metallurgic Dye Kit


The Metallurgic Dye Kit includes a collection of dyes handpicked for how incredible they look on metal armors! Each kit has a chance to contain one of six exclusive colors!





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