Blizzard Sues 'Starcraft 2' Cheat Makers

TorrentFreak reports this morning that Blizzard Entertainment has filed suit against  the makers of the Starcraft II “ValiantChaos MapHack” cheat. Blizzard alleges that the hack ruined  the Starcraft II gaming experience for legitimate players.

While the identities of the programmers who make and distribute the hack remain unknown Blizzard wants them to stop distributing the software.

The complaint filed in a California Court reads:

The hacks and cheats made available by Defendants, including a product known as the ‘ValiantChaos MapHack’, modify the StarCraft II online game experience, to the detriment of legitimate StarCraft II users, and thus to Blizzard itself,”

Defendants create and sell their unlawful software products with the knowledge that they are facilitating and promoting users to infringe Blizzard’s copyrights, to breach their contracts with Blizzard, and to otherwise violate Blizzard’s rights.


Read the full story over at TorrentFreak.


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