Calling All New Eve Online Players! Updated Rookie Resources!


CCP Flacon posted the following to the Eve Online blog:

Welcome to EVE Online!

When you take your first steps into the universe of New Eden, things may seem a little complex. If you ever feel lost or confused, fret not! The purpose of this Dev Blog is to arm you with the basic knowledge and links to the information that you’ll need to thrive in EVE Online, so take a look at what’s to follow and see if the answers to your questions are here!

We’d like to give you all a helping hand and try to ensure that you hit the ground running in what is considered by some to be one of the most rich, deep and complex virtual worlds in existence. It’s good to know where valuable information is readily available to you, so below are some very good sources of information. Quite a few of them are provided by communities of other players who specialize in helping new pilots.

These sources range from those that are player created, to those created by Developers and Game Masters here at CCP.{…}

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