CCP Games Taps the Power of Highwinds Game Delivery Network for EVE Online

WINTER PARK, Fla. – April 30, 2014 – Highwinds® today announced that its Game Delivery NetworkTM (GDNTM) is being leveraged for the delivery of the popular EVE Online massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. EVE’s creator, CCP Games, began working with Highwinds two years ago, and while the business relationship was initially established as a secondary content delivery network (CDN) to CCP’s incumbent provider, Highwinds GDN has since become the primary CDN for downloads and updates of EVE Online.

Maintaining exceptional gaming experiences has been a focal point throughout the partnership, particularly as CCP continues cultivating the EVEcommunity and releasing new game updates. EVE Online’s subscriber base has grown steadily since its introduction in May 2003. It currently has over 500,000 subscribers worldwide, and the number of concurrent gamers often exceeds 50,000. Last year, CCP expanded the EVE franchise with the release of DUST 514, a multiplayer first-person shooter game set within the EVEUniverse. The EVE Universe will be expanded again soon with EVE: Valkyrie.

“Highwinds became our primary CDN because performance matters. With them we get great delivery, global reach and excellent user experiences. We also get extensive flexibility and exemplary service,” said Jón Hörðdal Jónasson, chief operating officer at CCP. “Some of our systems are more dynamic and complex than the average game company, but Highwinds has overcome every technical challenge we’ve thrown at them.”

Highwinds GDN addresses the unique challenges of delivering online games to connected devices. CCP, and dozens of other developers and publishers using the GDN, benefit from faster downloads, higher completion rates, secure content delivery and real-time analytics. Gamers benefit from reliable gameplay and faster access to new updates anywhere in the world because of the fast response times and high throughput rates provided by Highwinds’ global network.

“Highwinds offers a consultative approach built on gaming industry expertise, and we believe heavily in teamwork. It’s phone and in-person access to our solutions engineers, people who really get it. It’s scalable solutions and flexible contracts. It’s a desire to be part of our customers’ gaming communities and vested in each game’s success,” said Steve Miller, founder and CEO of Highwinds. “All of these things are evident in our partnership with CCP.”

CCP works hard to build the EVE community both inside its MMOs and at real-world gaming events, and as a result, the company is known to have one of the most loyal fan bases in the industry. CCP’s Fanfest event is an annual celebration of the virtual universe it created and the community that embraces it. It was one of the first events of its kind, and it has a massive turnout every year. Fanfest 2014 will be held May 1-3 in Reykjavik, Iceland, where CCP is headquartered. Highwinds is a sponsor of Fanfest 2014, and it will have onsite representation during the event.

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