Crowfall City Sieging Explored

Today’s Crowfall update focuses on City Sieging — a key element of the Crowfall vision.  Building, defending and sieging of fortifications is a primary focus of the Campaign design, and the activity around which most (if not all) the win conditions will be centered. At a high level, this system should allow players to build fortified strongholds dynamically in the world (i.e. dropping castle wall segments, towers, buildings, etc) and then using those fortifications as a combination “home base/staging area” to control the surrounding area and the materials produced there.

This video walks through an example of a City Siege scenario between two guilds… and we’ve also updated the FAQ a bit, to fix a few errors and clarify the idea a bit.


A few notes on this scenario:
– yes, it’s simplified — and it also covers a lot of ground, quickly!  This is meant to be a companion piece to the Campaign FAQ, so if you have questions, read the FAQ first!


– this scenario would be most likely to occur in late Summer or Fall of the Campaign, since the guild in question appears relatively secure in their position and the local points of interest are discovered/well-known.
– the Bloodstones ruleset was created with a secondary purpose: technically, the second guild (Kane’s Fist) isn’t shown as “owning” a city.  This ruleset would open up the possibility for a landless guild (i.e. a mercenary company, or as we like to call them, a “band of roving thugs”) to generate victory points and win the Campaign.  Easy?  No.  Possible?  Maybe!
Additionally, remember that this is a high-level description; things like warmth and construction time, placement of siege equipment and material production aren’t referenced, to keep the scenario simple.  In actual gameplay, the tactical decisions made by each team prior to the siege would likely provide a huge “swing factor” and dramatically alter the outcome.
Again, this is only an example!  And as the video says, the most important thing to remember is: YOU GUYS will decide if this is a valid scenario/strategy, or not!  These aren’t scripted events. Our job is to provide the tools; your job is to figure out how to use them to your advantage.
That’s it for today! Beginning this week, we will be posting game-related updates on Tuesdays and Fridays with occasional founders/team updates on Wednesdays. So, more to come later this week, and thanks again as always!

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