Crowfall: Customizing Your Kingdom


Todd Coleman updated the official Crowfall Website with the following:

Earlier this week, our focus was on Campaigns (specifically, the Attributes and Modules settings that we use to make every Campaign unique).  If you missed that update, you can still read about it here.

Today, we’re shifting gears over to the Eternal Kingdoms.

We’ve already given you some information about how the EK’s function: the fealty trees, the land parcels and strongholds, and how monarchs can carve their Kingdom into a hierarchy of regions and provinces and then grant those lands to other players.

Today, we’re doing a refresh on the Eternal Kingdom FAQ to give you a deeper understanding of that design – and we’re giving you a LOT more detail on how these Kingdoms work.

This might sound bold, but we believe that our world building system is as deep (and cool) as anything you’ve ever seen.

Don’t believe us?  Check out the FAQ and decide for yourself.

The other major update that is coming out today is… we’re launching the Crowfall store on our website! [It’s in the final production stages at the time I’m writing this, so if the link isn’t working for you yet, check back later.]

Up until now, we’ve only been able to sell items as part of bundles… now, we’re able to drill down a bit further and sell you items individually.

And before you ask, no, there shouldn’t be any surprises in the offerings.  We’re only selling exactly the same type of stuff that we included in the Kickstarter bundles: land and strongholds (for the Eternal Kingdom only), game time, extra character slots and mount and caravan skins.

The catalog is actually pretty limited right now (we’re starting with only the Keeps), but over time we’ll be filling out the remaining land parcels and EK buildings, cosmetic accessories for your avatars and even merchandise for those of you who want to sport some fancy new Crowfall swag for all the world to see.

Todd Coleman
Creative Director


P.S. I’m sure a few of you are curious: “If I buy items from the store, do I get a badge?”

The short answer is: Yes, but not yet.  Right now badges are only available for people who buy bundles, but we’re going to change that. At some point (hopefully soon) we will be able to grant you an appropriate badge based on the total history of in-store purchases. The functionality isn’t there yet, but it will be.  So, don’t worry!  Purchases you make today will count towards that total and you’ll get a cool badge as soon as the functionality comes online.

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