Crowfall Sale and Legends of Aria Release – Both Live on the Shows

Crowfall and Legends of Aria Newsletter


Crowfall Trusted Trader accounts and fortifications from 2015, 2016 and 2017 are on sale.  What is Trusted Trader? We are authorized by Artcraft makers of Crowfall to deal in previous versions of accounts and items that are no longer available.  Do you want the game and want one of the more rare versions? We have them!


Live on the show today we’ll be showing Crowfall Pre Alpha 5.7.  We’ll be showing two parts of the game.  Eternal Kingdoms (Homes and owned lands) as well characters and the basics of play.  Join us on the live show at 19:00 UTC, 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central and Noon Pacific time.


Legends of Aria is the latest game we have added and it goes full release Tuesday the 27th!


If you get it now you’ll get the bonuses that will not be available later.  We’ll also be playing this live on the show release day and that week. This game is guaranteed to give you that Ultima Online feeling.  If you ever played UO you’ll want to check this game out.


Why have you not really heard anything from us about LoA?  Pretty simple. I’ve been avoiding it. When I heard about it a few years ago I decided it was something I was interested in.  But I did not want to go through all of the early game bits and pieces of testing stuff. I wanted to wait for the game to be polished and ready to go.  This Tuesday the 27th is that day. I’ll be logging in for the first time to actually play the game and enjoy the hell out of it. 🙂 Want to see the LoA trailer?  Note that is says in the video it releases December 4th.  You and I will be in there early with a week head start.


I encourage you to take a look at it and it looks like something you want to play to grab a copy and plan to join us on Tuesday. Get Legends of Aria here and then also use the discount code of “newspage” at checkout to save a few extra bucks.




Crowfall / November Giveaway

We have an amazing giveaway of a Kickstarter account for Crowfall.  Crowfall is described as EVE Online meets Game of Thrones.  You’ll be hearing about this game a lot in the future. It’s looking like it will be AAA.  We are a business partner with Crowfall and we plan to play it a lot! Get in on the giveaway.  The account we are giving away is very rare as it is a Kickstarter account.





Hope to see you on the live shows and in game!

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