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State of the Service/Web ( April 13th)

First, some great news. During the Kickstarter campaign, the Crowfall team had a separate stretch goal running: they promised to count their overseas backer amounts on Kickstarter against this stretch goal, and this stretch goal has been achieved!


Stretch goal #1 for PayPal:  $165k (ACHIEVED)


·       Host servers in Europe for betas and launch

·       Localize the website/community in 6 languages  (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian)

·       Hire another community manager to focus on our overseas communities


They are still working on their current stretch goal for another graphics programmer and getting closer to achieving that every day as new people pledge for Crowfall!


Second, the Crowfall store will open soon. This will give you the option to upgrade your reward package, if you’d like, and will also have a selection of items available for purchase separately. Look for more information when the store launches.


Third, and probably the most exciting news, we’re starting to do live testing with people this evening on merging your Kickstarter pledges with your website account. These emails will be sent to the email address you used to back us on Kickstarter and will have directions on how to merge with your account (which may be on a completely different email).  We’ll be doing these all week, so no need to ask us about it until next week.  Check your spam folder, of course, every day just in case your spam filter doesn’t like our email.  A sample email is shown below so you’ll know what to look for from us.


Thanks for your support!


Ghosts In The Machine

As explained in the FAQ we’re introducing today, Thralls are “the souls of fallen warriors and craftsmen”. If you can successfully harness their power and maintain control of it—which may be a challenge—you will reap {pun intended) the benefits of the knowledge and skill they left behind.


Thrall FAQ

1. What is a Thrall?

Thralls are the souls of fallen warriors and craftsmen, the spirits who remain on the Dying Worlds after the living have fled before the Hunger. They are ghosts and spirits, haunting these Worlds in the final hours…


The challenge for these ghosts is: they cannot pass into the afterlife, for they have unfinished matters which keep them from moving on. They cannot flee the World, however, for they are bound there. Thus, they are trapped on – and soon to be devoured with – a World that is already infected by the Hunger.

2. Wait, so are they slaves? That sounds pretty grim. 

Thralls aren’t slaves. You are acting a “grim reaper” of sorts — one of the duties asked of the Crows is to track these errant spirits and offer them salvation on behalf of the Gods.

The deal is simple: to avoid being devoured by the Hunger, Thralls are given a chance at redemption. They enter the service of the Gods, serving as craftsman and spectral guardians for a set period of time, after which their soul is released and they can rest for eternity.


Ok, yeah.  It’s grim. But remember, you’re the good guy, here. Without you, they would be consumed by the Hunger.


3. Do all the Thralls serve the same function in game?

No! Thralls have a variety of purposes in Crowfall. That said, however, each Thrall serves a particular purpose, depending on his or her profession during life.


Thralls can serve as vendors managing your sales, craftsmen to help you make items, unearthly trainers who assist you in learning certain skills faster, guardsmen who protect your ramparts, and bind-spirits – fallen warriors who can be inscribed into the runes to make your weapons and armor more powerful. (for example, you could bind the spirit of an Elven Blademaster into your sword, and the echoes of his life would help guide your blows and shield you from harm.)


4. Do Thralls have Stats?

They do! Certain Thralls will be better than others at a specific tasks. Some serve better as guards, crafters, trainers, or bind-spirits locked into weapons or armor.


While Thralls are always willing to flee The Hunger, some of them are not to be trusted. These Thralls will test the bounds of their enchantment, and will periodically attempt to break free of your control. We’re still working out the details of this system, but (to match our general philosophy of design): higher risk means higher reward. That means the more powerful Thralls will often be the more difficult to control.


5. How do I capture a Thrall?

Thralls will generally be found haunting the ruins of the Campaign worlds. Ghosts have a tendency to wander the same halls and room that they did while living. To capture a Thrall, you need a soul gem. Soul gems are used to capture Thralls, transfer them, and bind them into crafting (and enchanting) recipes.


6. Are all Soul Gems the same?

Probably not, but again, we’re still working on this system. Our thought is that higher value gems can store more powerful Thralls, and that the quality and size of the Gem has a direct impact on how easy it is to contain each spirit.


7. Is there any limit to the number of Thralls I can have?

Since they are stored in a Soul Gem, they are a standard inventory object. The only limit is your inventory space.


8. Is there any limit to the number of Thralls I can have active?

The limits aren’t on a character or account basis. Instead, each system will enforce its own limit(s). For example, items can only have one bind-spirit. Buildings have a preset number of Thrall Slots (represented in game as a summoning circle) and each of them can only contain a single Thrall.  Generally, for buildings that allow Thralls, you can increasing the level of the building to activate more Thrall slots of that type.


Discuss that here



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