Crowfall War Stories


The Crowfall Team mentioned earlier this week, that they’ll be posting game-related updates on Tuesdays and Fridays with occasional messages from the founders on Wednesdays. This past Friday, they posted the following update.


First up, here’s a first look at the concept art for the female champion. Unlike most of her contemporaries from other game worlds, you immediately get a sense of her towering presence and gargantuan strength, a true warrior. The guarded glare radiating from beneath her helm tells you she’s not to be trifled with and could mow you down like grass. We’re really pleased with the way our Art team brought the vision to life.


Next up, here’s a little video we put together when some old friends stopped by to congratulate us on the success of the Kickstarter and to reminisce about the Shadowbane glory days. We wanted to help those who have only played themepark-style MMOs gain a greater understanding of what online life can be like when you go off the rails.  These ‘war stories’ will give our future players some idea of the excitement they can expect when they enter the world of Crowfall!


Joe Madureira–aka Joe Mad, renowned comic book artist and game designer—and his brother Steve, an artist in his own right and Joe’s co-founder at Airship Syndicate, explain why Shadowbane remains their favorite MMO of all time and why they are looking forward to Crowfall. Also featured is Sean “Ashen Temper” Dahlberg, Shadowbane community manager and live team designer, who said, “Shadowbane gave you a way to have these dynamics with other players, where the world changed based off of those,” something that is at the very heart of what we’re shooting for here with Crowfall.


“When I heard Crowfall was sort of the spiritual successor to Shadowbane and had a lot of the same creative team behind it I was like ‘Yes, finally!’” said Joe. “I didn’t honestly think we’d ever get another one, so I feel like if it’s in that spirit, I’m totally on board and I can’t wait to play it.”

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