Cyber Monday EVE PLEX, Golden Pod Sales, SotA, Crowfall and SMITE Dollar Hollar


Cyber Monday is here.  This list is EVE, Crowfall, Shroud of the Avatar and out last remaining item for SMITE.


Everything is limited quantities.  So when they sell out it’s no longer on sale.  There are some incredible deals here as some items are 50% or more off!  If you see something you want here. Don’t wait.




*Item Code $25 50% off – (Note that this was $42.99.  It is now $49.99 and will be at that price or higher after the sale as it is limited quantity and will keep going up as the availability gets lower.)

*EVE PLEX all 15% off! EVE PLEX sale is now through Thursday 11:59pm UTC.


*All 2015, 2016, 2017 Bundles as well as Forts and Castles in Crowfall Trusted Trader 10% off.

Shroud of the Avatar List updated to only items still available.

*Reeds Glen Town – Was $3,999 Sale $2,999

*9x GM Bowman & Bowcraft account – Was $766 Sale $399

*LB & Darkstarr Skulls – Was $499 Sale $199 (We have only one of this very unique item!) This item can be personally delivered to you by Markee Dragon himself live on the show.  Please put in the box for who to deliver to your characters name but also put that you would like Markee Dragon to deliver and we will contact you to schedule this.  Please note that the show will need to be scheduled and so it may be a week out for personal delivery live on the show.

*Royal Orb – Was $79 Sale $25

*Golden Clockwork Armor – Was $139 Sale $75

*Dukes Crown – Was $229 Sale $115

*Baron’s Crown – Was $179 Sale $90

*Dukes Cloak – Was $179 Sale $90

*Baron’s Cloak – Was $129 Sale $65

*Baron Founder Bed – Was $199 Sale $99

*Golden LB Shield – Was $119 Sale $60

*Lord Founder Town Water Home (Houseboat) – Was $189 Sale $85

*Kobold 3 Story with Open Deck (Town home) – Was $139 Sale $75

*Ancient Columned City Home – Was $240 Sale $99

*Duke Founder City Home – Was $289 Sale $150

*Duke Benefactor City Home – Was $239 Sale $125

*Twin Spire Manor City Home – Was $189 Sale $99

*Baron Founder City Home – Was $139 Sale $59

*Duke Founder City Water Home – Was $139 Sale $75

*Baron founder City Water Home (frigate home) – Was $149 Sale $75

*Baron 2 founder City Water Home (galleon home) – Was $149 Sale $70

*Lord Marshal’s Great Hearth – Was $159 Sale $80

*Baron’s Talking Mirror – Was $199 Sale $99

*Imp Pet – Was $110 Sale $75 (Markee’s Favorite Pet)

*Tax Free Founder Row Deed (place anywhere) – Was $450 Sale $199

*Tax Free Founder Village Lot Deed (place anywhere incl. water) – Was $725 Sale $299

*Tax Free Village Deed (place anywhere) – Was $500 Sale $250

*Tax Free POT Village Deed – Was $239 Sale $125

*Taxed POT City Water Lot Deed – Was $1475 Sale $599


*SMITE Ultimate God Pack – Make it Hollar for a Dollar and get it on out of here.  🙂



What happens when something you purchased goes on sale?

We believe that it sucks to have purchased something yesterday to have it go on sale today.  Some stores have a policy that if you notice it went on sale they will then refund or credit you the difference if you ask for it. We are a bit more proactive on this.  If something goes on sale and you purchased it within the 24 hours prior to it going on sale we will credit your account in the store with the difference. Then WE TELL YOU!  No BS of needing to ask for it if you notice it. So all of you that purchased EVE PLEX 24 hours prior to the sale can expect a credit and email from us today. 🙂



Have You Gotten Your Crowfall / November Giveaway Entry?

We have an amazing giveaway of a Kickstarter account for Crowfall.  Crowfall is described as EVE Online meets Game of Thrones.  You’ll be hearing about this game a lot in the future. It’s looking like it will be AAA.  We are a business partner with Crowfall and we plan to play it a lot! Get in on the giveaway.  The account we are giving away is very rare as it is a Kickstarter account.




Hope to see you on the live shows and in game!

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