Discounts On Selected Frigate Skins In The New Eden Store! – Eve Online


CCP is happy to announce that discounts on a number of frigate SKINs are now available in the New Eden Store.

The following SKINs will be on sale for discounts that vary between 30% and 50%:

  • Vigil Krusual SKIN (Permanent)
  • Tormentor Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
  • Magnate Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
  • Inquisitor Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)
  • Executioner Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
  • Crucifier Kador SKIN (Permanent)
  • Kestrel Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Atron InterBus SKIN (Permanent)
  • Tristan Inner Zone Shipping SKIN (Permanent)

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In addition to this, for a limited time, the “Sanctuary” SKIN bundle will also be on sale at a discounted price.

Next week they will be adding new SKINs for Tech II Battlecruiser and Tech II Battleships, so be sure to check out the latest offers in the New Eden Store regularly for further details!


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