Dragon’s Prophet Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary With New Raid Instance

In just a few days, Dragon’s Prophet, the successful fantasy MMORPG, will celebrate its one-year anniversary. Dragon riders and all the other inhabitants of Auratia are invited to join in the festivities, which include events and contests, as well as an increased drop rate and login rewards. For this special occasion, players can also redeem the code “h4ppy-b1rthd4y-dp“ in-game for a fireworks package to illuminate Auratia in sparkling light. As another highlight, publisher Infernum is also opening the doors to a thrilling raid dungeon, the Nucleus of Time. The well guarded entrance to the new high-level dungeon is located in the western part of the recently opened mountainous region of Porthis.

The New Raid Dungeon: Nucleus of Time
The Nucleus of Time is an enormous underground structure in the heart of the city of Arkema, located deep in the west of the new region, Porthis. The dungeon boss, Sardok, lies in the former temple in a state of disquiet slumber. He possesses extraordinary and devastating abilities, which have spread a wave of terror far beyond the borders of Porthis: He turns adversaries into stone and has the power to control time. But before adventurers face Sardok, they will have to conquer four other bosses: Fedrana the Hypnotic, Darkrush the Petrified, Hazroth the Gatekeeper, and Selgard the Loyal Blade.

In-Game Events and Contests in the Birthday Week from 26 – 31 May
On this festive occasion, Dragon’s Prophet players can look forward to many delightful events. After the Nucleus of Time is opened on Tuesday, Infernum will implement a celebratory loot buff in all regions from Wednesday to Saturday, ensuring heroes lots of treasure as they travel. In addition, players who have met the login requirements for the previous days will receive a special dragon as a reward on Saturday.

One Year of Dragon’s Prophet – A Success Story
Since the start of the open beta phase on 30 May 2013, the world of Auratia has continued to grow and expand. Dragon’s Prophet now includes nine diverse regions, which guarantee many hours of gripping adventure. With over 400 dragons from 15 different families, fantasy enthusiasts and dragon fans constantly encounter previously undiscovered scaly companions, which then accompany them on their adventures through Auratia. Hundreds of thousands of Oracles, Rangers, Guardians, and Sorcerers have already begun their quest to become the Dragon’s Prophet.


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