Dragon’s Prophet To Form The First Osiran Council

The people will vote and a new council will be born! Infernum and Runewaker have begun plans to include the European game community even more in the decision-making process and the further development of Dragon’s Prophet. A collective body of players will soon be established to form the first Council of the Osira. Players will thus be able to weigh in on game-relevant decisions, assist in the development and publishing process, and submit suggestions and criticisms directly. These players will be elected by the community themselves, and the chosen representatives will be required to attend council meetings to discuss areas of improvement and general feedback from the larger community, as well as write a bi-monthly newsletter to the community.

Those who would like to take the opportunity to actively participate in the game and the community should write an email to community@dragonspropheteurope.com with the following information:

• Character name & server
• Forum name
• Spoken language/s (English skills should be present)
• Level of the highest character
• Previous MMO experience
• Values and expertise
• Reasons why you want the candidacy

No longer will you have to frantically scribble down your newly captured dragon’s stats or skills because with today’s patch, publisher Infernum has added the new Dragon Compendium for the European community. Here you can find valuable information on all capturable dragons and their backstories. Each companion is classed as one of the 14 families of dragons, each with their own unique strengths. But that’s not all: In the Dragon Compendium you will also receive important resources to upgrade your dragon even further with other elite skills in the forthcoming Dragon Evolution system. In the latest episode of DragonCast, our hosts unveil information about the brand-new dragon, Sadras, the Bone-Eater, the exciting treasure hunt, and the eight new world bosses that are terrorizing Auratia.

The patch is part of the Evolution.Phase.One of Dragon’s Prophet in 2014. With the forthcoming Dragon Arena and the evolution system, players can expect more great changes. In the following months, all class systems will be systematically expanded and players will have access to the 100-level Tower Dungeon. In addition, the very popular World Boss Event will be further expanded and new regions will be added.

All information about the new features as well the client download can be found on the official website: http://www.dragonspropheteurope.com

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