Elder Scrolls Online: Adventurer’s Handbook Issue #2

Take a look at some more player-created guides to aid you in your journeys.

Welcome back to the Adventurer’s Handbook! ElderScrolls Online has another great selection of guides for you today. Read on and find out more about Craglorn, Veteran Rank gear for the Alliance War, and Dark Anchors. Check them out! If you know of a helpful ESO guide, the Community Team would love to share it. Send your links to community@elderscrollsonline.com.


First up, Dulfy gives us a great overview of Craglorn. Grab your friends, load up this guide, and get ready to explore and get the most out of the new Adventure Zone. Don’t forget to check out the other excellent Dulfy Craglorn guides.


The next featured guide is a detailed look at Veteran Rank gear you can obtain with Alliance Points you earn in Cyrodiil. TESO Elite put together a great list of the gear, its set bonuses, and the AP cost for each piece. Get your sights set on one and join the battle!


Finally, Tamriel Foundry takes a close look at Dark Anchors. Find out exactly what you’re up against when you take on Molag Bal’s diabolical constructs, learn solid strategies for taking on the worst of his Daedra, and learn about the rewards you can receive.


We hope today’s player-created guides were useful to you! Don’t forget to send us your favorite guides and ESO resources, and we’ll see you next time!


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