Elder Scrolls Online: Adventurer’s Handbook Issue #4

Brush up on your skills and learn more about ESO with these player-created guides.

Need some help? The awesome ESO community has your back. No matter what you’re having trouble with, there’s bound to be a guide out there to help. Every so often, we like to round up a few of these guides to feature, and we’ve got a great collection for you today. Check out the guides, and make sure to share any others that you find useful with us at community@elderscrollsonline.com.

Update 2 just launched this week with Veteran Crypt of Hearts, but at the time of this writing, detailed guides for the bosses aren’t available yet. That doesn’t mean we don’t have something to help you out, though. Cinna’s guide to status effects and Firegael’s “How to avoid dying in ESO” both have some great tips that can help you improve your game and be ready to take on Veteran Dungeons.

Our next guide today is for all you Provisioners! Ever wanted a complete reference to the recipes, their levels, and their ingredients? Look no further than Tamriel Journal’s Master Provisioning List. It’s a very handy, well-organized reference to all the delicious comestibles and beverages in ESO.

Finally, we want to bring your attention to the ESObuilds subreddit! /r/ESObuilds is a great repository for all kinds of builds for every class and role. If you’re looking to perfect your own build, get some advice, or just see what other players are using, your time will be well-spent there. Give it a look to fine-tune your build for Veteran content.

That’s all we have for today! If you’ve made a guide or have a link to one you love, we want to see it! Send it in to community@elderscrollsonline.com and we’ll give it a look.


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