Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Available For Preorder

The Imperial Edition preorder package for the Elder Scrolls series upcoming online title is now available for gamers planning a return to Tamriel.

The premium edition, which is available starting at $99 US, includes digital as well as physical items. Those who purchase the bundle will gain the ability to play Imperial characters when the game launches, and allow them to participate in any of the three alliances available to players. It will also allow the player to change appearances to match Imperial colors, regardless of what they are wearing. This is in addition to other benefits, such as an exclusive mount, the ability to enter into a union with another player under the Goddess Mara, and an experience boost with the player’s partner.

The physical items in the bundle include a twelve-inch statue of Molag Bal, the game’s main protagonist, a full map of Tamriel, and the Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel – a fully illustrated 224 page guide. The Imperial is a limited issue package, and will only be sold for a short time. Elder Scrolls Online launches April 4, 2014 on PC and Mac, and June 2014 on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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