EVE Event: Caldari Navy Level 5 Frigate Fleet


Join Markee Dragon and others as we take on level 5 missions for Caldari Navy in frigates!  Sounds insane but it can be done.  New players welcome to join us.  Even if you have never flown in a fleet before.

When: Saturday July 25th 12:00 EVE time.  This is about 1 hours after server maintenance.  5am Pacific time, 8am Eastern.

Where: We will be 8 jumps outside of Jita at Hakonen IX – Moon 9 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.

Ships: Please bring frigates only.  We won’t turn away bigger ships but they will attract a lot of attention.  We will be in lowsec so please be prepared for some PVP.  Also it is recommended to have a few extra ships available should you lose one.  All classes of frigates are acceptable including ewar and logi.

Of note.  We’ll need at least 10 pilots to be able to do this.  20+ will be better.  Mission rewards however will only split up to 10 ways.  We will share the rewards but when we have more than 10 in the fleet some of the fleet will not get credit.  But all pilots will have fun!

The event will be broadcast live via Twitch and YouTube

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