EVE Fanfest Aftershow – Ammatar Level 5 Missions Fleet – Frigates!


Do you want a crazy challenge?  Join us for some insane missions as we take on Ammatar level 5 missions in frigates.  All pilots are welcome, new and old.  All skill levels are welcome.

Live Shows: Multitwitch (ChronicGamerTV, STS_Deserte and MarkeeDragon)
Time: Join us Saturday March 21st 18:00 UTC / 2:00 PM Eastern
Location: Berta VI – Moon 19 – Ammatar Consulate Bureau
Comms: Fleet pilots Teamspeak ts3.markeedragon.eu – Being on Teamspeak is not required but being there will help you know what we are doing without any stream delay.
In Game Channel: Join the channel “live shows” to join the fleet.
Ships: All frigates types are welcome.  This includes faction, interceptor, assault,  covert ops and electronic attack ships.

Our first meeting place is hisec but all mission operations will be in lowsec.  It is very likely we will encounter hostile players.  Please be prepared to lose a ship or two.  We will have some new player ships available if you are a newer player and can not afford to replace your ship if you lose it.

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