EVE Fanfest Aftershow – Introduction to Faction Warfare – Fly with us.


Want to PVP and earn mad ISK at the same time?  Faction Warfare under the right conditions can be good PVP fun and make you a hell of a lot of ISK.  Join us for an introduction to Faction Warfare fighting for Amarr or Caldari.

We will cover the following:

  • How to chose what militia to fight for.
  • Fighting for control and power vs. LP and ISK
  • Defensive and Offensive plexing.  What is the difference and why they both matter.  Join our fleet as we do live examples of these.
  • How to convert LP to ISK for maximum profit.
  • Fleet Faction PVP.  Join us for some action!


Live Shows: Multitwitch

Time: Join us Thursday March 19th 19:00 UTC / 3:00 PM Eastern
Location: Onnamon
Ships: Frigates are recommended.
Comms: Fleet pilots Teamspeak ts3.markeedragon.eu – Being on Teamspeak is not required but being there will help you know what we are doing without any stream delay.
Militia: Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade recommended.

Have some extra ships available in Onnamon so you can get back into the action quickly should you lose one in battle.


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