EVE Freighter Chase!


Call me crazy!  This Saturday we’ll show how to web a freighter on gates to get it to jump in 10 to 25 seconds.  This is a very important skill to learn if you are hauling large amounts of goods and need to get through hostile areas in higsec.  Once we have shown how to so this we’ll put it to the test and start running through some of the dangerous pipelines in highsec.

Join us on one of two sides.  Either in support of the freighter in the way of logi and protection or against in an effort to blow it up.

When: Saturday August 22nd 20:00 UTC, 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific.

Location: Starting location is “The Forge”.  The exact location will be discovered as we are showing how to web the freighter for fast alignment and warp.

The Loot: Markee Dragon is supplying the Freighter.  He is accepting donations for the loot.  Please contract any loot donations to “markeedragon” in game.

This will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube.

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