Eve Online Amarr Battleship Skins Now On Sale In The New Eden Store!


CCP is happy to announce that all Amarr Battleship skins are on sale for the next week at up to 50% discounts in the New Eden Store!

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The skins that are on sale are as follows!

  • Abaddon Kador SKIN (Permanent)
  • Abaddon Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)
  • Apocalypse Kador SKIN (Permanent)
  • Apocalypse Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)
  • Apocalypse Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
  • Apocalypse Khanid SKIN (Permanent)
  • Apocalypse Navy Issue Equilibrium of Mankind SKIN (Permanent)
  • Armageddon Kador SKIN (Permanent)
  • Armageddon Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)
  • Armageddon Navy Issue Equilibrium of Mankind SKIN (Permanent)
  • Paladin Blood Raider SKIN (Permanent)
  • Paladin Equilibrium of Mankind SKIN (Permanent)
  • Redeemer Equilibrium of Mankind SKIN (Permanent)

You can learn more about SKINs in this devblog by CCP Terminus, and can check out the latest offers in the New Eden Store in game by clicking the New Eden Store button on your NeoCOM.

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