Eve Online Fanfest 2016 Live Stream Info


EVE Fanfest 2016 is here, and CCP wants to make sure you catch all the big announcements and events in store for you. The o7 Fanfest Live Stream will be broadcasting all three days, with interviews and commentary throughout. Tune in, and join us for…

CCP WELCOME KEYNOTE – Opening Ceremonies & Updates on New Eden on Thursday, 21 April @ 12:00UTC

THE EVE KEYNOTE – Thursday is the day! Mark your calendars and be there for the EVE Keynote on Thursday, 21 April @ 14:00UTC.

REAL SCIENCE – Presentations on Project Discovery on Friday, 22 April @ 13:00UTC and from NASA guest speakers shine light on some of the amazing advances in science happening right now @ 15:00UTC.

AMARR CHAMPIONSHIPS – The Imperial Succession Trials will see the final clash of Catiz Tash-Murkon and Aritcio Kor-Azor in the battle to decide the next heir to the golden throne of Holy Amarr. Starting on Friday, 22 April @ 17:00UTC.

VALKYRIE TOURNAMENT – EVE: Valkyrie Tournament Semi-finals and Finals starting on Saturday, 23 April @ 15:00UTC





  • Fanfest Live Stream Schedule – Thursday

    10:45UTC – Stream Starts!
    11:00UTC – Welcome to o7 – Fanfest Live
    12:00UTC – Opening Ceremonies & Updates on New Eden
    13:00UTC – Speaking with the Community
    14:00UTC – EVE Online Keynote
    15:00UTC – Valkyrie: Assaulting the Senses
    16:00UTC – A History of the Great Empires of New Eden

  • Fanfest Live Stream Schedule – Friday

    10:45UTC – Stream Starts!
    11:00UTC – Game Design Panel
    12:00UTC – Ships & Modules
    13:00UTC – Project Discovery
    14:00UTC – Live Concept Art
    15:00UTC – NASA – There is no lull
    16:00UTC – Care 4 Kids
    17:00UTC – YC118 Amarr Championships Finals

  • Fanfest Live Stream Schedule – Saturday

    10:45UTC – Stream Starts!
    11:00UTC – Art & Graphics Panel
    12:00UTC – Social Scientists Study: EVE Online
    13:00UTC – Structures
    14:00UTC – Art Of Citadels
    15:00UTC – EVE: Valkyrie Tournament Semi Finals
    16:00UTC – EVE: Valkyrie Tournament Finals
    17:00UTC – Closing Ceremony
    18:00UTC – Stream Wrap Up

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