Eve Online – Force Auxiliary Skillpoint Reimbursement To Occur During May Release!


CCP is happy to announce that the skill reimbursement for Force Auxiliary training will occur during deployment of the May release on 2016-05-31.

This will reimburse any skillpoints trained in the now defunct racial Force Auxiliary skills:

  • Amarr Force Auxiliary
  • Caldari Force Auxiliary
  • Gallente Force Auxiliary
  • Minmatar Force Auxiliary

This change is already on Singularity after the deployment was tested there, and you can find more information in this thread by CCP Lebowski.


First Recurring Opportunity to be deployed on 2016-05-24

CCP Falcon is also happy to announce that the first recurring opportunity will be available on Tranquility as of Tuesday, May 24th, 2016.

From the smallest patrol frigate to the most dangerous pirate battleship in the cluster, whether you’re a mission runner, explorer, bounty hunter or maybe just a miner acting in self-defense, you can earn a daily boost of 10,000 unallocated skillpoints for your first NPC kill of the day.

Check out EVE Updates for more information!


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