Eve Online: Upcoming changes to Aurum packages


As part of the addition of content in the New Eden Store and the upcoming introduction of ship skins, CCP will be making some changes to the Aurum packs that are available for purchase.

Firstly, they’ll be adjusting the value of both the $5 and $10 dollar Aurum packs to provide more Aurum per dollar, while the $20 package will provide slightly less aurum than before. The $5 pack will give AUR 900, while the $10 pack will give AUR 1,800, plus an AUR 150 bonus, for a total of AUR 1,950.

In addition to this, they will be removing the $15 Aurum package, given that it was placed too closely between the $10 and $20 packages and was not being utilized as much as much as the $20 package.

CCP will also be adding more packages of Aurum for those who would like to buy in bulk. These include a $35 Aurum pack which gives AUR 6,300, plus an AUR 820 bonus for a total of AUR 7,120, a $50 Aurum pack, which gives AUR 9,000, plus an AUR 1,600 bonus for a total of AUR 10,600, and also a $100 Aurum pack which gives AUR 18,000 plus an AUR 3,200 bonus for a total of AUR 21,200.

You can see the breakdown of Aurum packs in this image.

For further information on the upcoming ship skins feature, keep a keen eye on the dev blogs feed as there will be a Dev Blog later today with further details!

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