EverQuest Next Landmark: Expanded by Popular Demand

EverQuest Next Landmark developers have announced that they plan to create more worlds for alpha players to meet unexpected demand. The claims interface, while still under development to make it more intuitive and accessible, allows players to claim a plot of land for building with the resources they’ve mined. Right now, the claims interface is little more than overlapping grey boxes, which can make it difficult for a player to understand with hundreds of overlapping claims.


However, because of the high number of players in the Landmark alpha, the developers for the world-building game have announced that they will be changing the current claims buffer to show “claimable” and “non-claimable” areas. This will allow players to intuitively see which spaces are up for grabs. In addition, it has also been mentioned on the SOE alpha forums that new worlds will be added, possibly as soon as February 4th. The first world, called “Serenity”, should alleviate some of the problems alpha players are having when trying to find a place to call their own. This, combined with changes to the claiming interface, should enable players to get right down to mining, refining, and building just that much sooner.

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