Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn- Announcing the “Eorzea IRL” Contest

After being totally immersed in Eorzea doing the things that adventures do, sometimes the way you view the real world around you may change…Sometimes bits and pieces of Eorzea may just trickle into your everyday life. Is that the Crystal Tower I’m driving towards? – No, that’s just a very shiny skyscraper. Why is Dalamud on top of my pasta? – Oh, that’s just a meatball.

The Community Team wants to hear about times like these you’ve experienced, with pictures of course! So head out into the real world, find some examples where Eorzea is IRL, and tweet your picture for a chance to win awesome loot!

Head to the official forum to read up on the full rules!


Don’t miss the patch 2.3 preview that offers a peek into private chambers, a new way of adding a personal touch to free company estates.

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