Gallente Battleship SKINs On Sale In The New Eden Store! – Eve Online


CCP is happy to announce that all available Gallente Battleship SKINs are now on sale in the New Eden Store at discounts of up to 50%.

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This sale includes a total of 11 ship skins, as follows:

  • Dominix – Inner Zone Shipping
  • Dominix – Intaki Syndicate
  • Dominix Navy Issue – Intaki Syndicate
  • Sin – Intaki Syndicate
  • Megathron – Intaki Syndicate
  • Megathron – Inner Zone Shipping
  • Megathron Navy Issue – Intaki Syndicate
  • Kronos – Intaki Syndicate
  • Kronos – Space Police!
  • Hyperion – Aliastra
  • Hyperion – Inner Zone Shipping

Check out the New Eden Store for all the latest offers on SKINs, apparel and services, and feel free to take a look at the images below for a preview of the SKINs that are on sale!

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