Get 4.5+ Billion ISK for $75 Though the EVE Second Decade Edition

For those of you that buy Plex in EVE to sell for ISK this will be of special interest to you.  We have the EVE Second Decade Edition on sale for $75 and we found that with all of the items that come with it in game you can sell them for more than 4.5 billion ISK.  These are all items that come with the game and can be redeemed on any account.  You can keep all of the items or sell them on the open market!
First let me tell you why this is a good deal and then I’ll explain how it works.
If you buy plex to sell in game for ISK you know they are worth about 800 million ISK currently.  Purchasing 4 plex is about $70.   That’s about 3.2 billion ISK.  We found that the items that come with this are worth more than 4.5 billion ISK if you sell them on the market.
I personally took one of these packs and sold all of the items for 4.9 billion ISK.  But I state to everyone that you can get 4.5 billion just because market conditions can change and I was willing to sell the items over a week instead of getting same day sales at a lower price.
Here is how this works in detail:
  • Purchase the Second Decade Collectors Edition:   Note. You need to live in North America or Europe.
  • Take the code we deliver to you and enter here.  You’ll be asked for shipping info.  Don’t worry.  Shipping is FREE!
  • A few days later receive the game box at your address.
  • In the CD case you’ll find multiple game code cards.  Plus a new account code.  Enter all of them you can on your game account for EVE.  (There are more codes here but they are not part of the valuation of selling items in game)
Grab all of the gift items and sell what you don’t want.
But there is more.  I did not see anywhere in the redemption on how to use the special mystery code.  Thanks to Rollaz of AirHogs corp for finding this special URL for vouchers!  Use this link here and you get the mystery items that are valued at about 1.2 billion.  There are choices to be made here to get the most bang for the buck.  So choose wisely.  Also of note. It is stated that there will be more mystery items later.  So this may have something of value show up in the future.
I outlined all of this in two videos.


Then I made an update video after we found even more value.

This is such good bang for the buck that I purchased two more copies just for myself.  Not to mention it also comes with a new account code with 60 days prepaid time and a ship for the up and coming game Valkyrie!

Now for some other EVE stuff.  Did you know I’m back into the game playing hard core?  I have not made many gameplay videos but I have been live streaming it on Twitch.
I’ve taken on a goal of figuring out how to plex my account in the shortest amount of hours.  What I want to do is discover several ways to make enough ISK so that I can just buy plex and apply the time to my account.  I know this is contrary to the sales of Plex that we do.  But those player who buy the Plex from us for ISK need to know how to effectively spend their time in game earning money.  It keeps everyone happy.
Join me live on Fridays while we play EVE.  Also if you are looking for a good corp.  I’m in the “Airhogs”.  We are a merchant corp for the most part.  We accept brand new players and old.  In game join the “Airhogs” channel in chat and talk to us. We would be happy to answer any questions and play with you.
See you in game and Fly Safe!
Marcus Eikenberry aka Markee Dragon

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