Guild Wars 2: Citizens of Tyria, Meet Your Champions

The battle for the top spot in the North American and European World Tournament Series Invitational Qualifiers is now over and the dust has settled. Two months ago, we saw hundreds of teams step into the arena. Today, only one North American and one European team remain standing.

Citizens of Tyria, join the Guild Wars 2 team in congratulating your champions!

Representing Europe: The Civilized Gentlemen

An undisputed European titan, the Civilized Gentlemen never fail to impress. During last weekend’s qualifier, they played in some of the most memorable tournament games ever seen in Guild Wars 2. We’re expecting to see more of the same from these guys at the Finals in Beijing – precise strategy with lethal execution.

  • Helseth – Mesmer – Sweden
  • Tage – Guardian – Slovakia
  • Sizer – Thief – Austria
  • Denshee – Elementalist – Sweden
  • ROM – Warrior – Sweden

Representing North America: The Abjured

Heavily favored to take the North American Invitational Qualifier, the Abjured showed up on Sunday in full force, taking the final series against the The Uncivilized Rough Boys in a 3-0 sweep. Can the Abjured help bring the first international tournament win back for North America, or will Europe take their third consecutive event?

  • Phantaram – Elementalist – United States
  • Ostrich Eggs – Engineer – United States
  • Magic Toker – Thief – United States
  • Wakkey – Elementalist – United States
  • Five Gauge – Engineer – Canada

We’ll have more information on the World Tournament Series Finals in Beijing coming soon, so stay tuned!

We’ll see you on the battlefield.


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