Guild Wars 2 : New Wizard Lightning Finisher and Water Fight Balloon Bucket in the Gem Store!

You’ve got just one week left to revel in the Festival of the Four Winds, and the Black Lion Trading Company has everything you need to wring every last ounce of enjoyment from each day! Read on to learn about this week’s offerings!


Wizard Lightning Finisher






Make sure your fallen foes know they’ve been beaten! Whip out this explosive Wizard Lightning Finisher to send your enemies off with a bang.


Water Fight Balloon Bucket






This new, permanent item will let you summon a bucketful of water balloons so you can host your very own water fight!


Royal Terrace Pass






The Permanent Royal Terrace Pass is available once again! This week only, you can buy a permanent pass to your one-stop shop for vendors, crafting, banks, and more!


Ending Soon






The Toxic Dye Kit, Toxic Gloves and Shoulderpads skins, and the Jack-in-the-Box scythe are available for just two more days! Pick them up while you can! This is also the last week for guaranteed bonus Dragon Coffers in Black Lion Chests.







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