GuildWars 2: GuildMag Issue #11 ~ Scarlet’s Journal

It’s done…’s finally done. Scarlet Briar is no more. Let’s rewind the story and take a look at what has happened in the past year, what was found out about her alliances and her labs, and most of all: what is it that Scarlet saw that drove her into the person she ended up being? Whether you know the answers or not, the latest issue tries to bring a conclusion to the first season of the Living Story in a comprehensive way.

In this issue Guild Wars 2 unravels as many secrets as possible, either from inside the game or from the developers themselves. We’ll start with a look at what Scarlet really saw and continue with a look at her labs and hideouts. Then a short summary of the main characters of Season 1 will offer you the most comprehensive recap of the Living Story you’ll be able to find around. Take a look at the various alliances Scarlet brought together, take a look at the damage dealt to Lion’s Arch and more!

Check that out here!

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