Hawken August 2015 Updates


The amazing folks over at Hawken have been busy. CapnJosh shared the following updates with us!

What happened in the first week of August?


1. Hired on a new developer 🙂

– Engine and rendering-level stuff primarily.  Starts this week.

– Still looking for the right senior gameplay programmer and technical artist

2. Set up a new gameserver host as a test in Istanbul

– submit a support ticket with your experiences and thoughts

– should we set up a new region rather than have it in the Europe region?

3. Finished migrating gameserver hosts to physical machines

4. Finished migrating to the lower-CPU-utilization server management system

– mostly some consolidation tweaks and removing a few virtual machines still running

5. The social server took a dive last week, so we fixed it up on a better platform

6. Reduced data size in server-to-client communications

– should decrease sync times a little

7. Started collecting client-to-server network data from volunteers

– Early results are showing high retry rates.  We need more samples to get an idea of why though

– If you experience long account sync times and you want to help, submit a support ticket

8. MatchMaker changes

– Reduced server browser skill range down to +-300

– Reduced the Skill Rating Expand Time used in MatchMaking to 330 seconds (should find better servers for very high and very low MMR players)

9. Game Balance:

– Slightly increased turret health (both MG and Rocket)

– Slightly reduce detection range on the Portable Scanner

10. Economy

– Increased HC rewards on new-user achievements

– Increased pricing on primary weapons

– Increased max per-match HC gains

11. The Markee Fest event was really great

– It was the first in-person event we’ve done, and we’ll be doing more in the future

Let’s try something a little different for feedback – submit a support ticket at https://hawken.zendesk.com.  It makes it easy to see direct feedback come in and it lets us categorize things more effectively.


Welcome the new Middle East Region

For a limited time we’re trying out a new Middle East region.  You may have already seen the Istanbul servers in the Server Browser.  You may have even tried a match or two there.  Now we’ve ramped up the number of gameservers, and they’re ready for action.


So if you leave nearby and you’ve been waiting for some faster, smoother Hawken action, now’s your chance 🙂


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