Hawken Matchmaker Changes – Feedback Requested


CapnJosh is requesting some feedback on Matchmaker changes to Hawken here on the official forums:

I found what I believe was a messed up configurable parameter value used by the Matchmaker.  Specifically, it prevented any sort of “fitness expansion” during matchmaker iterations.  This is why especially high-MMR players would get “failed to find a match… please try again” after waiting for 3 minutes.


I’ve changed a few things that should be a detectable improvement:

1. When you get into the matchmaker queue you should get a match within 30 seconds. No matter what.  And it should be in the server that’s the closest to your MMR rating.

2. The Server Browser now has an acceptable MMR range of 300 (down from 500, but all the docs said 300).  This means if you have an 1800MMR you cannot manually join a server lower than 1500MMR via the Server Browser.  You can still get in those matches via the Matchmaker, but only if they are the “best available match”.  I’m flexible on this, btw, but let’s try it for a week or two.


What I’m expecting:

-I’m expecting heat on that +/-200MMR window

-I’m expecting the Matchmaker experience should drastically improve

-Medium-high MMR users may bear the brunt of high-MMR users, but, hey, you guys want the challenge, right? 😉

-I’m sort of expecting people to recommend extending the “fitness expansion” time so it’s longer than 30 seconds (the time limit beyond which you will get stuffed into the best server available at the time).

-But if I’m really honest, I’m expecting to see world peace, a laptop for every child, and a car in every garage as a result of this change


Why did I make these changes rather than others that people have proposed:

I wanted to do something that did not require code changes or patches

I wanted to use the Matchmaker 2.5 features that allow certain parameters to be configured on fly

I wanted to attempt to further separate sub-1500MMR users from 1800+MMR users (there’s a big skill difference there, and based on the population of at various MMR levels, this seemed a decent split)


Do I consider this solution to be perfect?

No, but it should be a little better.  We will iterate on this to improve things.


Now, I want to hear your experiences.  Let’s make this thing even better.


Join the discuss here: https://community.pl…t-feedback-now/

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