Hawken: War Wednesdays


You are invited to War Wednesdays with Hawken

Please complete this form by 9:10 PM EST at the latest on attending Wednesdays.

A note to first time attendees:

War Wednesdays is an unofficial Hawken event, and requires the usage of TeamSpeak 3. Server information can be found below. Please be aware that we work to make the night fun for everyone, and compiling organized games can take some time. We appreciate your patience.

Once upon a time, there existed a land in which baby Fred chassis could roam free across the land. There was no need for TOW Missiles, assault rifles, not even repair drones.

That land sucked.

And so we created War Wednesdays.

War Wednesdays was borne amongst the fury and rage of the old Hawkenites against the absurd difficulty of finding a good game in those days.

One Wednesday night, three pilots set out to spam the invite button to anyone they knew would provide some competition, and lo and behold, a full server with an average MMR of 2200 was bestowed upon our trusty pilots. The ease of this task inspired them to do the same thing every week, and thus their old clan was petitioned to host such an event.

Obviously they said yes, and so we took to the forums to create a post worthy of mantling this cause. The following Wednesday we filled four freaking servers with players, and gave each team their own channel in teamspeak, and bullets were spraying like pew pew pew and splosions and it was awesome.

And so it’s coming back.

It’s open to everyone, because everyone deserves the chance to play with the full support of a team, like Hawken was meant to be played.

So how do I partake in this glorious jubilee?

I’m glad you asked. First, download the TeamSpeak 3 client, available here: http://www.teamspeak…?page=downloads

Second, pleeeeease assign yourself a push to talk key under the TeamSpeak settings.

Third, put us in your bookmarks, because A) the channel is open to anyone who wants to play Hawken, 24/7, and B) you’re going to come back. Again. And again. And again. This is us: ts5.gameservers.com:9152

Fourth, check in around 8:45 or so. The event officially starts at 9PM EST. We used to set this up on private servers, but until those are available, we’re making due with the mayhem servers as well as regular ones and we still do. The servers are located in the USE server group, however the servers themselves are centrally located in the US.

I generally ask everyone for their MMR (I don’t disclose it to anyone) in order to assign you to a game with an appropriate skill group. We usually get the event fully off the ground by about 9:15, because people tend to check in late- but unless we really need some spare players, we often cut off the first set of games at 9:10. Please show up on time. Latecomers to the server will be assigned a special server group of shame so everyone can laugh at them. (But you can still show up late, we’ll get you set up with something fun regardless, you may just get cut out of the first set or two of games.)

1. Be respectful. I love all my attendees, and I will fight you if you’re mean to them.
2. Default rules are borderline TPG rules. Please limit scanner use to never, and only one mech of each type per team. They’re not strictly enforced, but this is a community event, and the community will yell at you. Just have fun.
That’s it. Just find us on TeamSpeak and be on. As more features are added to the game, this post will be continually updated.

Trivia fact: Hawken is awesome.

And a special thanks to all those that consistently help with this event, either through consistent attendance or simply stepping up and taking over when hosts are unavailable. There is a list of people that I will not list for fear of forgetting someone that simply make this event work. This event would not be possible if it weren’t for all of you.

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