How XSplit is making gameplay broadcasting easier with its latest product

Don’t play games alone. Even if you are a hermit and hate having people over to your home, you can still play even single-player titles with friends by streaming your gameplay online.

Now, XSplit, a streaming-software company, wants to make the process of beaming your games to the Internet even easier with its new Gamecaster product. Gamecaster is a background app that people can activate with the push of a few keyboard buttons while playing PC titles like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, DayZ, or just about anything else.

Gamecaster is due out Feb. 18 for XSplit license holders. XSplit sells licenses for its current, more fleshed out (but also more complex) software that will carry over and apply to Gamecaster. The company is also planning to release a free version of the new app later this year.

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