Invite: Friday Fight Fleet – Giveaways included!


Please join us tomorrow for a special fleet that will be broadcasted live to the CCP channel. There is a promise of kills, carnage, mayhem and giveaways!

Join us in Onnamon Friday at 14:00 EVE time for some Fighting Fleet action. We will be in a Faction Warfare area and many Faction Warfare pilots will be joining.  You can be anything except for Gallente or Minmatar Militia.  All others welcome.  All action will take place in lowsec.  Frigates and Destroyers are recommended.  All ships however will be welcomed.  Yes you may bring a Drake if you want to punish yourself like that.

When: Friday November 17th 14:00 EVE Time (5 hours scheduled you can plan to join us for all or part of the fleet.)

Where: Onnamon.  We will always be within 10 to 12 jumps of here for easy reshipping.

Who is Invited: Everyone is invited.  Even 1 day old Alpha pilots!  ( Gallente and Minmatar Militia are encouraged to stay docked as we will have many faction warfare pilots joining and we don’t want any infighting))

Fleet Comp:  Kitchen Sink.  Plan to die.  Bring some extra ships!  Recommended is Frigates and Destroyers.

Comms: Discord

Live Shows:  CCP Twitch Channel, MarkeeDragon Twitch Channel, MarkeeDragon YouTube Channel 4k

Prizes: Corax:  Rataa Sunset Skins (As seen in the image above), EVE Standard New Accounts (These are the ones even bitter vets can use!) Prizes will be given out on the MarkeeDragon Twitch channel.  You just need to be in Twitch Chat to enter in.  If you are in fleet you do not need to be watching the video to get entered in.


Dan (JaayyJaay in game) and I (Markee Dragon in game) will be your hosts and FCs.  We hope to see you in game!

Also don’t forget to get in the giveaway for the store this month.  We will ship this Caldari Raven ship anywhere in the world to the winner!  It’s a free entry.  We’ll announce the winner live on the first show of the month in December.  



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