Joining and Managing Crowfall Guilds


Crowfall guilds are a work still in progress. If you’ve ever tried to join a guild in Crowfall, you know it’s not so simple as to click a guild button and join up. This feature hasn’t quite found its way into the game yet, but Artcraft has made it known that they are working on implementing it soon.

In the meantime, you’ll have to jump through a hoop or two in order to join, or start your own guild.

Your first stop will be the crowfall home page at

Joining a guild

If you are are looking to to enhance your gaming experience, joining a guild of like minded individuals is a great way to make new friends and will give you access to another level of the game that you would not be able to experience as a solo player.

At the top of the crowfall website (when you are logged in) will show several options. Choose “Community”, and select “Guilds”. You will be taken to a screen with the option to search from available guilds, or to purchase a guild package. For now, we will just focus on searching for a guild. Select “Search Guilds”. (more on creating your own guild soon)

On this page, you can search for a guild based on several filter options that you can customize. You can also filter guilds by the language chosen as the primary language chosen by the guild leader.

Results will be populated based on your choices, and the following guild information will be provided to you:

Guild Name, Language, Motto, Leader Name, and the guild crest graphic.

From here, you can contact the leader in game. There is currently no way for players to submit an application. Guilds are invite by leader only at this time. You must be able to contact a leader directly in game or by other means if they are provided by the guild leader. (such as discord, or twitch, etc.)

Creating a guild

Right now this is also not straightforward. Like I said, guilds are still very much a work in progress and many features have not been put into the game yet.

If you are a backer that has a bundle with a guild package – you are able to log into your crowfall account and create a guild with whatever benefits your bundle provides.

If you are not an early backer, and do not have any of the guild packages on your bundle.. Go here to pick up your own early bundle. Otherwise, you’ll need to either wait until the game implements the features for free guild creation in order to create your guild – Or, if you want a guild *right now* You’re able to purchase a “reserve guild name” bundle that should allow you to create one immediately. There are also several other options that give you many nice extras for your guild if you’re serious about being prestigious.

Please note that guild functionality in game is very limited at the time of writing this article and only a few features are in game. Such as, being able to see guild crests on nameplates, as well as a guild text chat tab where you can keep in touch with your guildmates and plan your raids.

Guild dashboard and functions

The guild dashboard is where the leader manages everything from general guild messages, to recruiting, and even accesses the guild bank. There are several options on this page, and they are all very straight forward with their functionality.

The first box is for the guild “MOTD” or “Message of the Day” that every guild member will see upon logging into the game. This can be edited by clicking the button that says edit… Did I really just need to explain that? I hope not, but I did anyway just in case.

The next box is the “Search Guilds” menu, which works exactly as explained above so I wont go over it again.. no I’m not, and you can’t make me..

Next, we have the “Notifications” menu. This is where all important events will be reported to the leader. Currently this only consists of guild invites and join notifications, but will undoubtedly include more as guild functions are added to the game.

The “Guild Members” menu is where all the magic begins for new members. From here, leaders can search for your character name and invite you to the guild.

This menu also shows all current members in the guild, their rank, join date, and their last login date.

A leader can also promote and remove members from here if they choose. So behave!

The “Guild Bank” is where the leader can view things that members have gifted to the guild. Members are able to donate items and assets to the guild for the leader to make available for general use, or for kingdom expansion, etc. Crowns can also be gifted to the guild account.

Finally, the “Settings” menu. There are not many settings to speak of at the current time, but the available options are easily changed in this menu.

A leader can change the guild “Motto”, which is basically just a quick 1 sentence explanation of the guild or its purpose.

The guild’s “Tag” can also be changed here, as well as the preferred language and recruitment status of the guild.

The leader may also appoint a new guild leader, or disband the guild from here.

Succession Rules

  • If the Guild Leader leaves the guild, deletes their account, or fails to log in for 90 days, the ownership of the guild will be transferred to the longest-serving officer in the Guild.
  • If there is no player applicable, the guild will be disbanded, effectively dead.
  • By disbanding the guild you will remove the Guild.
  • The Guild Leader can also transfer the leadership to another player and be automatically relieved from duties

So there.. Congratulations! Now you know all about Crowfall guilds, how to join one, and the leader functions.

Unsure about the responsibility of creating your own guild? Join Markee’s community guild “Lunar Dragons”!

Join our Discord: then private message “Markeedragon” (markeedragon#7777) with the account name that you wish to have invited.  You will be given a reply on discord when the guild invite has been sent. Our guild / alliance will be one of the largest in the game! You can also join us on Youtube or Twitch

I know that I personally can’t wait until persistence, so I can really dive into things and start this epic adventure with all of my guildmates!

For The Throne!!

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