Lunar New Year Items in the Guild Wars 2 Gem Store!


The Year of the Monkey is sure to be a prosperous and successful one! We have lots of items available for you to celebrate a bright future, good knowledge, and great success. For the duration of the celebration, we’ll be packing every Black Lion Chest with a Personalized Homemade Lucky Red Envelope.

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Wing Glider and Backpack Skins

We have three glider and backpack combo skins returning: black feather wings, white wings, and bat wings. In celebration of gliding coming to Central Tyria, we’ll have a new glider available each week for the next month!

Weapon Skins

Crimson Lion and Dragon’s Jade weapon skins return! Show off your prideful side for this celebration with these intricate weapons.

Much More

We’ve packed the store with many other returning items. Grab the Red Lantern Kite, the Crimson Lion Dye Kit, and the Confetti Mail Carrier!



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