Macaw Wings Glider and Backpack Combo, Blue Shift Dye Kit, and Travel Toy Improvements in the Guild Wars 2 Gem Store


The Black Lion Trading Company is starting our spring cleaning! This is your last chance to get our current selection of miniatures. We also have new items to celebrate the season, and we’ve made some travel toy improvements. Try out our travel toys available in any Box o’ Fun!

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Macaw Wings Glider Combo

You’ll be the center of attention with our most colorful wing set yet! This combo comes with a backpack skin and glider.

Blue Shift Dye Kit

The weather is getting warmer, so this is the best time to cool down your look with a whole new selection of blue dyes.

Travel Toy Updates!

Travel toys such as the Magic Carpet and Sonic Tunneling Tool can now automatically reactivate after leaving combat.



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