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We have updated our look ! Get the same excellent service and speed you have become accustomed to but now with a cleaner and more modern look. Let us know how you like it. We have also added a news site where we cover games, that we support and a few others that we really like. It has been a while since our last newsletter and there are a few things that we would like to share with you guys.


  • Eve Online Game Time Codes (ETC) and select Eve Online Starter Accounts are on sale.
  • Markee Dragon Game Codes April Giveaway
  • Elder Scrolls Online Game Time Codes
  • Nether Trials and Gold
  • Lifeless
  • Meet up with Marcus at Pax East 2014 and Eve Online Fan-Fest
  • Are you a YouTube content producer or streamer?

Eve Online ETC Sale

Eve Online 60 Day Time Codes as well as Eve Online 30 Day Time Codes (ETC) are currently 10% off.

Eve Online Starter Accounts are also on sale for 25% off.

You can find those items and other Eve Online items here in our Store.

April Giveaway

Every month Markee Dragon Game Codes has awesome giveaways in the Store. We have given away several Replicas from the Eve Online Battleship Collection,  Guristas Hoodies, Eve Game Time Codes and much much more. You can see the previous winners here. Entries are FREE and no purchase is necessary ! Each purchase will give you an additional entry in our giveaway.For April we are giving away a 6 Month Subscription to Eve Online ( 3- 60 Day ETC) and a Guristas Hoodie!

Get your free entry in today!

Elder Scrolls Online Game Time Cards Have Arrived

In a surprise move, Zenimax has required people who have purchased Elder Scrolls Online to pre-pay their first month of subscription fees before they can access the free month of game-time that came with the game. For those who would rather subscribe directly we have now ESO Game Time Cards in stock and available for purchase. Buy your Elder Scrolls Online 60 Day Game Time card now from Markee Dragon Game Codes and enjoy 60 days of worry free subscription to ESO.

Nether Prey or Pray

In an exclusive offer to our customers we now have Nether Prey or Pray Trial Keys! Nether is a Survival Horror FPS MMO with amazing graphics that will really push you to your limits. Trial Keys and Gold is available here.


Do you like FPS or Survival Horror games? Marcus just conducted an in game interview with a developer from Rigid Soft Studios and got a first look at their new game Lifeless. Lifeless is currently in the alpha phase of development and promises a fresh look at the Survival Horror genre. Check that out here.

Pax East – Eve Fanfest 2014

Marcus will be at both of these events and would love to meet all of you.  If you see him stop him and say hello – he’s hard to miss:  6’4’, bald, bearded, and most likely he’ll have a camera in hand.  Come give a shoutout to your friends, corp, guild, or whomever you like in one of his shows – or attend the Wildstar panel with Marcus on Friday at 2:30pm in the main theater or mingle at their community event Saturday night.  Details:

Are you a Video Game YouTuber or Streamer?

Join the Markee Dragon Network team.  We focus on making good YouTube channels great.  If you are a Streamer are you sending your highlights to YouTube?  If not you are missing out on more people finding your stream and more revenue opportunities.  Check out and feel free to reply to the newsletter with questions.


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