Minimum Beta Weekend 2

With the previous beta weekend wrapped up GamePedia and Atari are excited to announce their second beta weekend starting this Friday (May 9th) at 8AM pacific time! This will similar to last weekend’s test in that it will last through Sunday evening and you’ll need a Steam key to gain access.

One big difference is that you can get your very own beta key right on the official site!  The key will let you play Minimum as much as you like all weekend until the servers are taking down,

Minimum is very excited  to hear what you guys think. You can send bug reports as well as general feedback to or hit them up on Facebook or Twitter.

Have fun!


Minimum is an online third person shooter with RTS and RPG elements. Players must work together to develop a strategy to win! Teams fight over the world’s energy by using Titans to break down each other’s walls. Titans are powered by your team’s Creep farming abilities.

In our early access we plan to feature our Primary game mode, Titan! Titan takes competitive gaming to the next level with head to head combat. Players must gather resources by killing Creeps to power their teams Titan to victory.


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