Nether: July Update #3 – Money Exploit Balances

KPopp ( Community Manager) for Nether updated the Community with the following:

New update is on the way today! Servers will go down during the morning (CDT) and should come back up within 30 minutes to 1 hour. This patch focuses on more fixes and removing exploits.


• Flashlight toggle sound “on/off” is only heard locally. Other players are no longer affected.
• Fixed issue with player needing backpack space and weight in order to pick up cash
• Adjusted some floating grass areas in Wastelands
• More models (assets) around the world have added collision
• Heartburner and Gravedigger show correct textures when dropped in the world
• Added name and description to some cosmetic items

Content Balances

• Cash Cap: $200,000 (Players should be locked at $200k if they join a server after the update)

  • Message “Wallet Full” is now displayed if player tries to go over cap limit

• Items sold to the store no longer give player experience (Character Skill Point Exploit Fix)

  • Items found in loot crates will now distribute experience to the player
  • Some loot crates will not contain any items, but the player will still receive some experience for exploring
  • Player still receives sell value (cash) for items sold to the store

• Players now lose 45% of their cash upon death and opponents can pick up 10% of the cash that was dropped. (Cash exploit: Shanty Stilt Town Territory Fix)

The 4th Promo
• Fireworks have been removed from the Lakeside, Museum, and High-Rise Outpost
• Uncle Sam’s Hat price has been adjusted from the promotional $1 price

As always, we appreciate any feedback on the update and let us know if you run into any issues or bugs. Thanks for your support!

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