Nether's Biggest Update Yet- Territory Wars, Female Character Model, Taunts & More!

As part of today’s server maintenance on Nether Prey or Pray, the next update is having a soft roll out today.

Now, onto what you really want to see, these are the latest features in Nether’s biggest update !

Territory Wars: Territory Wars have arrived! Grab your tribesmen and capture strategic locations for the prosperity of your Tribe. You and every member of your tribe earn in-game bonuses and money for all the territories you hold so protect them with your life! Capture territories faster with more tribesmen
* Every hour you hold a territory you earn money. More territories means higher earnings!
* Make sure to maintain the territories you control.
* If you leave them abandoned too long the other tribes will notice and it will no longer be under your control!

We have added several buildings for capture throughout

  • Burnham city and the Wastelands
  • The Salary Center – Increases cash awarded from cash pickups by 50%, increases cash rewards from all objectives by 25%
  • St William’s – Spawns a variety of food items in the control point at faster intervals than normal
  • Highway Tower – Grants a bonus to the amount of ammo awarded from pickups and purchases
  • Shopping Center – Grants 50% bonus experience for all actions
  • Warehouse – Increases reputation gains for all tribe members by 25%
  • David’s Memorial Church – Increases the capture speed of attacking a control point for each tribe member
  • Business Park – Spawns 2 Motorcycles and 2 buggies in the capture point
  • Westside Park – Grants all tribe members health regeneration while they are near the capture point
  • Low Rise Building – Offers better Nether Trading Rates than other traders, can only be accessed by the tribe that controls it
  • Apartment Complex – Spawns a variety of low to mid-tier guns in the area around the control point

Map Control: Capturing territories gives your tribe control over a portion of the map. Take over more territories to control more of the map!
* Servers now show which tribe has majority control over a map
* Capturing Buildings and territories will show how much of Burnham your tribe controls on the map

Wastelands: The Map has doubled in size! The barricades are down and a new section of Burnham is ripe for the taking! Be among the first to reap the unfound rewards of the Wasteland!
* A passage has been cleared to the wastelands in the west
* Explore a new area that is the size of the current Burnham
* The wastelands have been almost entirely enveloped in toxic waters so watch where you’re walking

New loot system: I wonder what’s in there! We’ve revamped our scavenging and loot system to be more intuitive and easy to understand. You’ll now find loot stashed away in many various hiding places. No more finding a bag of chips sitting on the floor of a subway!
* Added numerous searchable items to the world
* Looting objects now takes player stats into account to help new players find better loot more often
* Freshly looted areas now have open and empty states to shows players loot was there but someone got to it first!

Golden Chests: All loot points have the chance to be filled with valuables! People have locked these goodies away and they can only be unlocked with a skeleton key the is purchasable at any market. You do NOT drop your chest keys on death.
* You must have a key to unlock the golden chest
* Locked lootables will glow gold

Playable female character: The future of humanity has been secured! Females are now playable in Nether
* Added a new, free “Survivalist” template to character select
* Added a female tribes member for every tribe

Underwear Template: Get caught with your pants down! This new outfit is the epitome of dressing down. Sport the boxers of your choice for everyone to see!

Custom Taunts: You can now purchase taunts at the marketplace. Each taunt is a unique animation your character plays on demand! Taunts can be previewed before purchase, you can purchase and use as many taunts as are available. Equipping a taunt:
* To make use of the new taunts in the world of Nether, you must first select (or purchase) the taunt that you want on the character customization screen before logging in.
* Once you’ve logged in, press “Esc” and select “Controls”.
* In the Top Right section of the “Controls” sub-menu you’ll see the option to map the Taunt function to a keybinding. Click “Remap”, select the key you would like to use to taunt, and you’re ready to rock!
* Once it’s mapped, press the key you’ve chosen and unleash your taunt on the world.
* To change taunts while in the world, simply press “Enter” to bring up the chat interface. This will raise a list of the taunts that you have unlocked on the left side of the screen. Click one of these taunts to play it.
* The game will use the last played taunt as your active taunt when you press the taunt hotkey.
* New taunts can be purchased with Nether Gold from the character customization screen before logging in.

Riot Shield: Everyone knows cover is for chumps! Grab the riot shield and charge them head on!
* Added two riot shield melee weapons that can block bullets
* Can be obtained via trades with the Order of the Cull

Waypoints:Sick of constantly having to open your map to make sure you’re on track? Try out the waypoint system now. Place one where you want to go and just follow the marker on the HUD. Use this to coordinate with your group or tribe for uninterrupted travel!
* Right click anywhere on your map to place a waypoint
* Right click a placed waypoint to remove it

Safe Spawning: On a fresh life, you have the ability to choose whether you spawn in a randomly chosen Safe Zone or in a random spot in the world!

Tutorials Quest System: Learn all there is to know about Nether! Every first time user will have a helpful, but optional tutorial that will teach all of the features of the game. Most important, get some free gear

Helpful Hints:
How to use a flashlight
* To use a flashlight in Nether, find a flashlight in the world or purchase one at a Safe Zone or Outpost
* Once the flashlight is in your inventory, simply press “F” (defaulty key) to toggle the light on or off.
* Flashlights can be purchased with Cash or Nether Gold from vendors in the Safe Zones and Outposts.

How to use flares
Flares are useful tools that can be thrown to distract Nether or to visibly mark objectives in the world for you and your allies to work towards. To use flares, you must first find them in the world or purchase flares from the Safe Zone
* Open your inventory, find the flare, right-click it and set it to a quickslot
* Now, press the quickslot button to throw the flare in front of you into the world.
* This process will also allow you to use Grenades, Smoke Bombs, Flash Bangs, Nether Pheromones or Sonic Repulsors
* Flares can be purchased from vendors in the Safe Zones and Outposts.

IMPORTANT: Steam users will now download nether directly from Steam into their steamapps folder. By Default it previously installed to ‘C:Nether’, which can now be removed. To delete the installation you can simply navigate to this folder and delete it.

Important: Please make sure your launcher is Launcher 26. You can check this by looking at the bottom right-hand corner of the launcher. If you see you are still on 25, delete and re-install the launcher on Steam and it should update to Launcher 26.

Don’t forget that we are giving away Nether Keys on r/Nether on Reddit !

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