New Designer SKIN line “Valimor Legacy” for Gallente ships and Discounts on SKIN bundles


A brand new Designer SKIN line is now available in the New Eden Store with the Valimor Legacy set. The new SKINs of the Valimor Legacy line are first available for Gallente Tech-1 ships; SKINs for Tech-2 ships will follow in the coming week. The Valimor Legacy line was designed by the famous sculptor Dominique Correador from the University of Caille and celebrates the prosperity and culture of the city of Valimor on the now lost Seyllin I.

Enjoy a preview of the elegant new Valimor Legacy SKINs on some Gallente ships below.

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To further celebrate the introduction of this new Designer SKIN line, we also offer considerable discounts on

  • Frigate ship SKIN bundle
  • Cruiser ship SKIN bundle
  • Capital ship SKIN bundle

This discount is a time limited offer, so don’t hesitate and check out the New Eden Store right away!

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